Step 1: Access to or download VeXeRe – Bus ticket booking at Play Store/App.

Step 2: Search the route by selecting departure & arrival locations, departure time/date on VeXeRe, and then choose “Search Tickets”.

Step 3: Select the bus trip, bus operator, pricing, departure time that suit your travel needs.

After searching buses, you can check the information about the bus operator’s name, type of bus, pick-up/drop-off time (in expectedly), pick-up/drop-off destinations, available seats/beds, price, and reviews from other customers.

  • The pick-up point and drop-off point times below are the estimated times. This schedule may vary depending on the actual situation.

  • Bus operator’s name and type of bus

  • Available seats/beds on the bus and price

  • Reviews and amenities

You can use “Sort” to sort the information displayed by earliest/latest departure time, highest/lowest price, or highest bus operator rating.

Also, you can use “Filter” to find the bus operator’s information via departure time, bus operator’s name, pick-up/drop-off point or some popular filters such as Covid safety guarantee, Promotions, Online booking, Limousine Bus, and Bus live GPS tracking. Besides, you can find the bus operator by the price, reviews, type of seat or seat available on the bus.

Step 4: Select a suitable seat on the bus.

  • White seat: Available
  • Black seat: Reserved
  • Blue seat: Selecting

For instance: With the Thien Thanh Limousine bus, there are 2 type of beds on the bus:

  • Single bed: 280.000 VNĐ (Blue seat)
  • Couple bed: 560.000 VNĐ (Red seat)

In this step, before choosing a seat, you can check the bus operator’s image, cancellation policy, and reviews of each bus operator.

  • Images

  • Amenities

  • Cancellation policy

  • Reviews

Step 5: Select pick-up/drop off point and fill passenger information.

Step 6: Choose the payment method and then make a payment. 

  • In case of using a coupon, after choosing the payment method, you have to fill in your coupon to “Apply coupon” and then click “Apply”. The discount will be displayed in “Ticket information”.

Payment method on

  • Pay by cash at nearby convenience stores.
  • Pay by Visa/Master/JCB.
  • Domestic ATM Card (Internet Banking).
  • Bank transfer.
  • Pay at the bus operator’s office.
  • E-wallet: Momo, ZaloPay, AirPay, VNPay.

Note: Depending on each bus operator policy and the time you book the ticket, the payment method may be different.

For instance: For the bus operator that does not support payment at the office, you have to pay the fare in advance by Online payment, Bank transfer, pay by cash at nearby convenience stores, or through e-wallets such as Momo, ZaloPay, AirPay, and VNPay.

1. Pay at convenience stores

After choosing “Reserve”, the system will send you a message/email to guide you make payment. Please come to these convenience stores and contact the staff for payment support. In case you cannot pay the fare, please feel free to contact us at hotline 1900 888843 – 1900 969681.

2. Pay by Visa/MasterCard/JCB

After clicking on the button “Pay”, please provide all required information correctly to make a payment.

3. Domestic ATM Card (Internet Banking)

Please choose a bank with online payment registration (Internet Banking) to pay for tickets. Enter all required information to proceed with the payment.

4. Bank transfer

Please select the appropriate bank to transfer (prefer the same bank transfer option), then click the box “Payment”. The system will send account information to the SMS/email that you provided.

Note: Please check carefully the information before making a transfer, the content of the transfer includes transaction code – the booking phone number.

5. E-Wallet: Momo, ZaloPay, AirPay, VNPay.

After clicking on the e-wallet you want to use to pay tickets, the system will send you to the payment page of the corresponding e-wallet to proceed with ticket payment.

After successful payment, VeXeRe will send a successful confirmation message/email to your registered phone number/email. On the day of your trip, please arrive at the pick-up point 30 minutes before the departure time.

To check the status of your tickets, please visit


  • For the bus operator that does not support choosing the bed/seat position when booking (For instance: The Anh Bus), you can still book and pay online as usual. However, your bed/seat position will be arranged by the bus operator on the departure day. Please show up at the pick-up point early for better support.

  • For the bus operator that does not support online booking through the VeXeRe website/ app, please contact us at hotline 1900 888684 for more support.

VeXeRe guarantees a 150% refund if we cannot provide transport services for your booking on VeXeRe

VeXeRe guarantees refund of 150% of the payment value in case customers do not receive transport services for your booking on VeXeRe.

Definition of the cases of unprovided transport services, for tickets booked on VeXeRe platform:

  • A customer paid for the tickets but the Bus Operators cannot provide the service – VeXeRe and the Bus Operator have to find another bus. If the departure time of the replacement tickets are earlier or later than 18 hours, that would be considered provided transport service. After 18 hours than the departure time of the customer’s ticket, it is considered unprovided transport service.
  • Customers paid for the tickets but the driver did not pick them up, and VeXeRe and Operator could not find another bus to assist customers.
  • The Bus Operator cancels the trip due to operating reasons, and VeXeRe could not find another suitable vehicle for customers to travel. 

The 150% refund policy will apply to customers who have paid tickets at VeXeRe’s online channels. This policy is not yet applied for customers who pay at the bus operator’s office or pay onboard.

The 150% refund policy is applied for the amount that the guest actually paid when booking (after promotions); The refund includes a 100% refund of the amount paid by the customer and a 50% discount voucher for the next use. The normal validity of the voucher will be 2 months. In some special cases, VeXeRe may change the expiry date.

The following cases are not considered cases of unprovided transport services: 

  • The bus operator does not support hard copy tickets or VAT invoices.
  • VeXeRe and Bus Operator found another bus for customers but the original seat/bed was changed.
  • VeXeRe and Bus Operator found another bus but there was change in time/bus type/bus operator’s brand.
  • Some incidents that customers have to pay an extra charge.
  • The Bus Operator is canceled due to force majeure events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, thunderstorms, epidemics, war, strikes, etc.

VeXeRe will not refund 150% of the fare in these cases. However, we will have other support policies suitable for each unexpected problem of customers.

VeXeRe does not support a refund of 150% of the payment value for the following cases:

  • The customer gave incorrect information about the trip or incorrect personal information while booking.
  • The driver could not contact the customers, hence unable to pick them up.
  • Customers showed up at the bus station or the pick-up point later than the expected time announced by VeXeRe.
  • Customers violated the policies of the bus operator leading to the refusal of service.

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